A brief Her-story

Once upon a time during the pandemic, without any prior experience in sewing except cross-stitching when I was a kid, I helped my cousin with her clothing business by sewing cotton pouches with a Php300 (or USD5.00) small sewing machine I bought online. From there, I learned how to sew on my own and the "accidental birth" of scrunchies came into existence. I say "accidental birth" because it wasn't my intention to make a scrunchie until that moment when my cousin's seamstress forgot to sew a scrunchie for an order that needed to be fulfilled ASAP. Long story short, I made it instead. Hence, I accidentally gave birth to the wonderful world of oversized scrunchies. Accidental learning is sometimes the best thing that can happen! P.S. I retired my Php300 sewing machine and invested in a heavy-duty one after the success of my first launch (all thanks to you, bloomers!) xx

Handmade with Love

Handmade locally from home, all pieces are meticulously handcrafted with utmost care and a deep attention to detail. Each scrunchie is delicately made of only high quality materials. From careful cutting and delicate sewing, we ensure that our scrunchies can hold up all types of hair and are long-lasting; a.k.a. we make sure your purchase is worth it. While we take no short cuts in creating every piece, slight variations in shape and texture are inherent in handmade items. We promise you'll look blooming whenever your hair is up.

a black and white behind-the-scenes
Welcome, bloomers!
In whatever season you are in— here, we celebrate you.
We can't wait to see you bloom.